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  The First HEB food store in Kerrville Texas it was first called the Red and White store. Carl F Oehler worked in the store in the 20's

Oehler History

This website was created to help others piece together their family history. Please feel free to explore this site to see if you have any ties to our family. We must keep the past information alive for future generations. To give you a little info this website includes the Oehler Family that came from Germany and settled in South Texas. This also includes the Smith Family (Magusson) that came from Sweden and landed in New York and then settled in South Texas. This also includes my wife's family Stutes and Dubois that were Acadians from France that settled in Nova Scotia and then exiled to Louisiana to eventually become the Cajuns.

How all this info began In 1941 or 1942 I asked Mama to see what she could do about getting Uncle Ed Oehler or some of the other relatives to write something about the Oehler Family history. The " Family Tree or Chronological History of the Oehler family" was compiled by Uncle Ed Oehler. I have types it just as he wrote it without changing any spelling, punctuation or paragraphing. Mama compiled the lists of the members of the Oehler and Heinmann families. Since all these statistics were compiled largely from memory there is possibility that there may be some names misspelled or incomplete and someof the dates may not be right. I will apprieciate it if you will send any corrections to Herbert E. Oehler CPA 3001 West Ave R Temple Texas 76501 This was written 8/28/1968 by Herbert Oehler Please if You know ANY Corrections and have additions Please Email Me I want to keep this current and correct for future generations

8/18/1973 Corrections To Be made in the Oehler Family History and Information to be Added Milton Oehler RT1 Box 93 Fredericksburg. (Theodore Oehler's nephew) gave me this information. Christian and Johann Gottfried Oehler and Families landed at Port Galveston on or about January 10,1854 (see other Sheet for Passenger list which gives you January 3 1854 as one landing date of the ship Wesser) This information was obtained he says, from the district Clerks Office ( I presume in Fredericksburg). Father and Mother of Christian and Gottfried Oehler were Johannes and Maria Barbara Wolffle Oehler of Kleebronn in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, Germany. Johannes Oehler was born July 4, 1784 and died March 25,1852. Maria B.W. Oehler was born July 12,1784 and died December 13,1868. Paul Oehler Papa's brother was born in Germany in 1850 and died on the way from Galveston to San Antonio and was buried in the Dorm Cemetery. This Cemetery may be near the communities of Bulverde or Dorn near San Antonio. David Oehler, Papa's brother was born in Galveston and died in San Antonio, Burial place unknown but probably in San Antonio. Grandma Oehler, who Mama listed as Fredricka Bahmer Oehler, is Listed in the District Clerk's Records as " Frida Rica Balmer" Milton says " They could have made a mistake in spelling since no Germans were in office at that time" Herbert E Oehler

FAMILY TREE or CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY of the Oehler family. Christian Oehler and Gottfried Oehler two brothers with their families immigrated in the year 1846 from Wurttemberg Germany, and landed then in Indianola. They finally managed to be transported by ox team, at that time the only conveyance of its kind, landing at San Antonio, Texas, where they stayed for two years with other immigrants that came with them. After staying two years in San Antonio they came to Fredericksburg. The Christian Oehler family lost two children in San Antonio, which died on the cholera. Bulverde Cemetery In the year 1848 they came to Palo Alto and for their life’s vocation they were splitting fence rails as they were in use at that time as there were not wire fences and everything that was fenced was by rail fence. They were living mostly on corn bread and water, as it was not easy to get game. At the tine as they had to live in fear that the Indians would get them, which occupied and roamed all the country at that time stealing people horses and killing people. Some of those early settlers oven had to pick out the undigested corn from the manure of the governments horses and pounded same into corn meal. Out of the Christian Oehler family derived the two children which died in infancy in San Antonio their death caused by cholera. Seven sons and four daughters were born at Fredericksburg. Names of the Children were Christian who left home and we never found out his where ~bouts. August married to Miss Emelia Beyer out of his family sprang Sophie (Mrs., Chas. Koenig) Frida (Mrs. Jacob Heimann) Ida (Mrs. Otto Itz) Ella who died when she was about 19 years old. Alma Mrs. Lorenz Wendall) and Erna (Mrs. Emil Hartmann) Alvin who was married to Miss Meta Lang (daughter of Henry Lang. His wife died in 1941. There was also one other child of the August; Oehler family by name Lillie, which died in infancy. Cause of death diarrhea. Jacob Oehler was married to Sophie Beyer which is still’ living but Jacob Oehler died at Marble Falls in 190b. Out of this family sprang Felix Oehler who is dead being only 23 yrs old cause typhoid fever. Albert still’ living who married a Miss Herbort. Hilima Oehler who is unmarried also Otto Oehler. Willie was married to a Miss Krause but his wife died about a year ago. Stephan Oehler and wife Agetha both~ dead She use to be a Miss Minmick of new Fountain. Out of their Family are Amelia (Mrs. Benno Mcdougal Malinda ~Mrs. Edwin Staats) Albert married Miss Hulda Jung) Rudolf who is unmarried and Frederick who married a Miss Schmidt of Max Schmidt ) TheAdolph family you know. Louis who married Miss Schlaudt, which are both dead. Their children were Olinda (Mrs. Emil Basthge ) flora (Mrs. Ernst Wilke) and Ewald who married a Mien Nagel of Rudolph Nagel. Edward Oehler’ (who married Miss Clara Weber. Their only daughter was Ethel now Mrs. W.G. Hoffman. Christina (Mrs. Dan Rode who children wore Lina (Mrs. Andrae) her husband is dead. Anna who was unmarried and is dead also. Gottliebe (who was Mrs. Thco Hohmann is dead. Christian children were Mrs. Andre Emma who was Mrs. Louis Grobe the children are unknown to me. Hulda Mrs. Oswald Deal at first Mrs. Jung of which arc two boys and of Deal 3 girls. Otto died unmarried and Edrnund is dead also who had married Laura Durst. Gottliobo Mrs.~ Thco Hohmann dead also who had three~ children Olga Mrs. Butenschoon. Sophie Mrs. Bartholomew, Millie who married Theo Keller who is dead Olga and Sophie’ arc ‘living in San Antonio and Millie at Cain City. Mathilda Mrs. Emil Weber who has three children Lillie Mrs. Howin Wehnmeyer, Warner’ unmarried and Edwin who married Miss Schluiter. Out of the Gottfried Oehler family Sprang Gottfried who is dead and • Married Elizabeth Hartmann still living Wm Oehler’ who Married Emma Treibe still living but Wi3.liaxn is dead. Paul still living but his wife a Miss Lena Schlaudt is dead Fredrick is dead also been married twice first wife was Rosa ~renwe1ge arid second was ~on kelch related to Priess. Chas Oehler whose wife was Miss Mathilda Weber. Henry Oehler who died unmarried in the/ asylum. Daughters Miss C Carolina Mrs. Valentine Boyer. Anna. Mrs. Chas Nacmky. Carolina’s husband is dead and Anna’s loft her and they do not know his whereabouts. Hope you can arrange it the way you want it, the children of the Gottfried OEHLERS children. I do not know by names. *********** **** *********** NAMES and DATES of BIRTH and DEATH of the Christian DAVID OEHLER Family Compiled by Susie S. Oehler About 1942 Name Born Died Christian David Oehler August 25, 1819 October 18, 1913 Fredericka Bahmer Oehler’ July 24, 1829 February 28, 1893 Children August Oehler August 1, 1855 March 20, 1924 Stephan Oehler December 26, 1863 June 27, 1925 Jacob Oehler April 14, 1858 April 23, 1905 Gottliebe Oehler~ Hohmann September 12, 1866 January 3, 1889 Anna Oehler March 3, 1862 November 12, 1930 Ado1ph Emanuel Oehler June 29, 1868 July 7, 1930 Louis F. Oehler October 9, 1869 November 19, 1936 Christina Oehler Rode May 4, 1860 July 14, 1872 Edward G. Oehler April 27, 1875 June 2, 1954 Christian Oehler, Jr. April 14, 1850 * *he was 39 years old when he left home. They don’t know what happened to him and when or where and how he died. Paul — David Oehler were born between the~ years 1850 and 1855. One was born in Germany one in Galveston. They don’t know which one ~was oldest of the~ 2. Both died less than 3 years of age.

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