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This website is for all Oehler's to help with their ancestry research. My family came to Texas from Germany in about 1854. They landed at Indianola Texas. Indianola was destroyed from the storm of 1900 and never rebuilt. They settled in Fredericksburg area after traveling through San Antonio Area and loosing 2 Children in the Bulverde area. The link below is now a B & B but was the original pioneer home.

       West Kerr Current Newspaper March 2012


Check out the Oehler Root Cellar in Fredericksburg original house it all began

Fredericksburg Texas

Christian David Oehler built the original home in Fredericksburg Texas. He and Fredericka raised 13 children in that home. My decendent from that family was Adolph Emanuel Oehler my Grandfather. Which later moved to Mountain Home near Kerrville Texas.

Mountain Home

WindmillAdolph married Susanna Sophia and built a home at Mountain Home on the Johnson Creek. They had 11 Children of that union. My link from that family was Carl Franklin (Charlie) Oehler my Father. They lived on that ranch till Adolph retired and then moved to town in Kerrville . Charlie served in WWII and was stationed in England during the Blitzkrieg. He Moved to San Antonio after the war.

San Antonio

When he settled in San Antonio he met then married my mother Virginia Noraine Oehler my mother. Noraine Smith Murchinson and already had a son from a prievious mariage Kenneth Roy Murchinson. But soon after the marriage Carl F Oehler adopted Ken and gave him the Oehler name. Charlie and Noraine had 2 children from that union Linda Carol and Carl David. We lived in San Antonio till 1971 when after Carl F, Oehler retirement we moved to Del Valle Texas where in 1974 he died in an auto accident. Which caused us to move back to San Antonio after that event.


I am Carl David Oehler and in 1982 I married Deborah Ann Stutes. We have 2 Daughters Megan Noraine and and Linda Carol. We live in San Antonio . I am trying to compile this data so their heritage will not be lost in time. I want to help others in my family try to connect to their heritage. I am the fourth generation American of the Oehler familiy which I am the youngest of that generation and knew some of the family members of the 2nd and 3rd generation. Please send any corrections and or information and I will place on the web for all to use.

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Fredericksburg, Texas